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On this part of the tuneshop you will find the various regimental repertoires, rare but beautiful tunes and occasional
tunes (Like X-mas) in Bagpipe Player format (.bww) or some in .PDF or jpeg/gif format or even media player.

The media player files are mostly piobaireachd which you can use to improve your piobaireachd.
All files to
download for free. Check this site once in a while because it will be updated regulary

How does it work?
By clicking on .bww , .PDF, .gif, jpeg or .MP, the download starts of the tune or repertoire of your choice.
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The Download Tunes


Regimental Pipe Tunes

Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
  Repertoire of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa, Canada 2005 .bww      
Cameron Highlanders of Canada
  Repertoire of the Cameron Highlanders of Canada from WW2-till now .bww      
Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
  The Cameron Highlanders of Ottowa competition set 2002 .bww      
    The Cameron Highlanders of Ottowa Virginia Tattoo set 2002 .bww      
Argyll & Surherland Highlanders
  Repertoire of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders ( files gathered from everywhere ) zipped !!!! .bww
Seaforth Highlanders
  The 72nd Highlanders Gathering , 1901   .gif    
    Sleep dearie Sleep (used by Seaforth's and Cameron Highlanders for lights out) .bww   .jpg  
    Machinegunners Reel     .jpg  
Gordon Highlanders
  Major A.W. Cameron 92nd (Gordon) Highlanders   .gif    
  Royal Canadian Airforce March Past   .gif    
    March To The Battlefield   .gif    
    Taps .bww .gif    
Seaforth Highlanders
  Caber feidh: The Gathering of The 72nd Highlanders        
Queen's Own Highlanders
  The Queen's Own Highlanders At Anduki   .gif    
  Mosquito Squadron       .pdf
Liverpool Scottish
  Reel Of The Liverpool Scottish       .pdf
Argyll & Surherland Highlanders
  Crimea Long Reveille (full version) .bww     .pdf

Repertoire Dutch Military Pipes & Drums

'The Blue Guards'

Dutch Blue Guards

Pipe scores

v01 Set 1 Green Hills .bww     .pdf
v01 Set 2 Scotland the Brave .bww     .pdf
v01 Set 3 Colin's Cattle .bww     .pdf
v01 Set 4 The High Road to Gairloch .bww     .pdf
v01 Set 5 The Rowan Tree/Auld lang Syne .bww     .pdf
Oefeningen: GDE
.bww     .pdf
v01 01 Green Hills of Tyrol .bww     .pdf
v01 02 When the Battle is O'er .bww     .pdf
v01 03 Pipe Major J.K. Cairns .bww     .pdf
v02 04 Jenny's Bawbee (Teapipes) .bww     .pdf
v01 05 Scotland the Brave .bww     .pdf
v01 06 Auld Lang Syne .bww     .pdf
v01 07 We're Nae Awa Tae Bide Awa .bww     .pdf
v01 08 Flower of Scotland, the .bww     .pdf
v01 09 The Highroad to Gairloch .bww     .pdf
v01 10 The Brown Haired Maid .bww     .pdf
v01 11 Wings .bww     .pdf
v01 12 Colin's Cattle .bww     .pdf
v01 13 The Red Hackle .bww     .pdf

14 The Rowan Tree

.bww     .pdf

15 Wilhelmus (Dutch National Anthem)

.bww     .pdf

16 Now is The Hour

.bww     .pdf

17 The keel Row

.bww     .pdf
v01 18 Lilibullero (Regimental march)
.bww     .pdf
v01 19 Mineurslied
.bww     .pdf
v01 20 Amazing Grace (+ 2nds to follow)
.bww     .pdf
  More to follow.....        

Drum scores

v01 2/4 March     .jpg .pdf
v01 3/4 March     .jpg .pdf
v01 4/4 March     .jpg .pdf
v01 6/8 March     .jpg .pdf
v01 Charge (samen met bugles)     .jpg  

Bugle calls
(British Infantery)

From: Trumpet and Bugle Sounds
from the Army 1914
130 Reveille (Rouse) .mp3   .jpg  
v01 Assemble     .jpg  
095 Band .mp3   .jpg  
069 Charge (samen met Drums)     .jpg  
104 Warning for parade .mp3   .jpg  
114 Parade for Guard .mp3   .jpg  
128 Salute for Guard .mp3   .jpg  
134 Lights Out .mp3   .jpg  
v01 Bugle tutor (in bewerking) zip      

Scottish Regimental
Bugle Calls

From: Trumpet and Bugle Sounds
from the Army 1914
  Highland Light Infantery
1st and 2nd Batt.
  Seaforth Highlanders
1st and 2nd Batt.
  Cameron Highlanders
1st and 2nd Batt.
  Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
1st and 2nd Batt.
  Gordon Highlanders
1st and 2nd Batt.
  Royal Highlanders
1st and 2nd Batt.
  Scottish Rifles
1st and 2nd Batt.
1st and 2nd Batt.
  Royal Scots
1st and 2nd Batt.
  Royal Scots Fusiliers
1st and 2nd Batt.
  Scots Guards
1st and 2nd Batt.

Rare Pipe tunes

  I have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue   .gif    
  Braveheart   .gif    
  Four Green Fields     .jpg  
  Gary Owen     .jpg  
  Keelrow     .jpg .pdf
  A Nation Once Again     .jpg  
  Old Womans Lullaby     .jpg  
  Soldier's Song (Irish National Anthem)   .gif    
  Swing of The Kilt     .jpg  
  The Spider's Antic     .jpg  
  Wrap The Green Flag     .jpg  
  Bell Bird     .jpg  
  Boys Of The Old Brigade     .jpg  
  Garb Auld Gaul   .gif    
  Jennifer's Reel     .jpg  
  Kelly the Boy from Killane     .jpg  
  MacGregor of Gora   .gif    
  Magnificent 7   .gif    
  Men of The West     .jpg  
  Notre Dame Victory March     .jpg  
  The Road To The Isles (extended version)   .gif    
  Sean South from Garry Owen   .gif    
  Suogan (Slow Air)   .gif    
  Titanic   .gif    
  All kinds of exercises for the Bagpipe (gathered from everywhere) .bww      
  Bridal Song       .PDF
  Liberation       .PDF
  Crunluath Exercise       .PDF
  Thunderstruck (ACDC) .bww      
  Wilhelmus van Nassouwe (Dutch Anthem) .bww      


  The Little Spree .bww      
  MacKintosh's Lament .bww      
  The Desperate Battle .bww     .mp3
  Lament for the Old Sword .bww      
  Corrienessans Salute .bww      
  Glengarry's lament .bww      
  Salute In Praise of P.M. William Ross        
  MacKintosh Lament .bww     .MP
  Sir James Mac Donald Of The Isles Lament     .jpg  
  Black Donald's March .bww     .PDF
  MacGrimmon Will Never Return .bww     .MP (Oral !)
  His Father Lament for Donald McKenzie .bww      
  Lament For Mary MacLeod        
  Mac Pherson Lament .bww      
  The Boat Tune (Port a Bhata) .bww      
  The Eleventh of September .bww      
  The Munro's Salute .bww      
  The Pride of Barra (Spaidsearachd Bharraidh) .bww      
  The Trust Controversy .bww      
  Inverary Castle .bww      
  The Bells of Perth .bww      
  The MacGregor's Salute .bww     .MP
  The Prince's Salute .bww      
  The Unjust Incarceration (K). .bww      
  Lament for Donald Daughal MacKay       .MP

'Digger' Stuff
Pipe Tunes

  Advance Australia Fair .bww      
  Kalabakan (Borneo) .bww      
  My Grannies Highland Home .bww      
  I Still Call Australia Home .bww      
  Australian Ladies .bww      
  The Road To Gundagai .bww      
  The Northern Lights .bww      
  Waltzing Matilda .bww      

X-Mass Pipe Tunes

  Ave Maria .bww      
  Be Thou Vision .bww      
  Deck The Halls .bww      
  Ding Dong Merrily On High .bww      
  Good King Wencelas .bww      
  Hark the Harold Angels Sing .bww      
  Here Comes Santa Claus .bww      
  Jingle bells .bww      
  Oh Come All Ye Faithful .bww      
  Oh Little Town of Bethlehem .bww      
  Oh Christmas Tree .bww      
  The First Noël .bww      
  We Wish You A Merry Christmas .bww      
  What Child is This .bww      
  Away in The Manger        
  He is Born .bww      
  It Came Upon a Midnight Clear .bww      
  Joy To The World .bww      
  The Little Drummer Boy .bww      
  Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer        
  We Three Kings Of Orient Are        
  The Twelve Days Of Christmas        
  Abide With Me .bww      

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